Navigation is not working on some Pages – OUT OF NOWHERE

Dear Community,

I’m completely lost :weary: – Out of Nowhere the NAVBAR (Desktop & Mobile) on our site stopped working on some pages, like the Homepage:

But at the same time it is working on the About Us page! K&R Advertising | Über Uns

We didn’t change anything in the last months.

What happened here? Has anyone a clue?

Here’s our site read-only link: Webflow - Klein & Rose GmbH

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We have the same problem, I could see that your site is working again, did you do anything to fix it?

I’ve been losing my mind this afternoon re-creating nav menus and tabs that randomly stopped working only for the issue to continue… at least we can say this is almost definitely on the webflow side now. I was just about to make the same post when I saw this.

I’ve also submitted a ticket so hopefully it gets fixed quick


Quick update - webflow responded (quickly) and said it’s due to a javascript issue on their end. They’re typically great with handling similar issues in a timely manner so I imagine it won’t be much longer

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We also upload a ticket, in our case it is with the nav bar and a slider on our main page. But now it randomly works on two subpages. We still haven’t received a response. Read Only Site

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I was trying to fix the same issue for HOURS today.

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Same issue over here. Nav, slider buttons, tab buttons all randomly stopped working today on various pages.

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Same issue here and it looks like there are several threads sharing the same problem.

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Hello there, the issue was resolve.

"Hi there,

This is Katlyn from Webflow Support, here with an update on the issues you’re experiencing on your hosted site!

Our team was able to ship a fix for the issue. Please republish your site in order for the fix to take effect.

If you’re still observing unexpected behaviors after republishing your site, let us know and we’ll be happy to investigate!

Thank you,

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