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Problem description:
I made a fist “Home page” (see attachements - 01 ) and then based on that I made a duplicate (copy - see attachement - 02) and build a “Service Page”. Everything went well, except the navigation menu in the mobile devices. The info (divs and classes, are all there, but the display is not correct!). The navigation is a custom navigation (meaning that I followed the instructions given here:

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Here is my public share link:

I am adding some more information regarding the issues I am facing with the navigation in mobile screens.

In the screens shown below, I am designing a new navigation for mobile devices. I am using a typical Nav Bar tool, and changed the looks by assigning a class etc… Since it’s a menu, each of the menu items re-direct you to a link. The moment I assign this link (see image 02) the link changes to something else! So by just changing the link to a page in the Link Settings menu, the class is changing though everything seems to be set up as before.

Could you help on that? What do I do wrong or is there something that I do not understand and I am using it in the wrong way?

I am working on a Mac computer, using Chrome (most updated version).

Link to my site:

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