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Navigation bar not opening on mobiles


My website navigation bar doesn’t open properly on mobile - see screenshots.

Can someone explain me what I did wrong?

It is all working as expected on the webflow mobile preview so I am not sure what to do…

Thanks a lot!

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Anyone from the @webflow support team can help?

The mobile menu is working for me.

Does it work on your mobile or in the mobile preview? Because it works fine on the preview but it doesn’t work on an iPhone.

I tried my uploaded website on 4 different iPhones and it is not working.

Let me check my Galaxy mobile and tablet real quick… Yeah man it’s all working nicely. And dude this site is fire! I love it a lot! Awesome for real.

But yep it’s all working great. Very nice flow. Concise, easy to understand what I need to do. Click paths are logical. Animations are micro, which is what they should be, they add a slight touch but not in the way. I can’t critique anything at all… Oh

Only thing I would adjust is the menu background color. I would use that faded a little darker gold color; that would match better than the blue. It would flow with color scheme better. Just an opinion.

I don’t understand why it doesn’t work on iphone - see my previous screenshots - but that it does work for you… @garymichael1313 any idea why this is happening?

@webflow can you fix this bug please or redirect me to a post that can help me fix the problem?

@garymichael1313 Thanks a lot for your compliments! I am not completely done with it quite yet but will take into consideration your valuable comments.

@garymichael1313 @webflow I just tried on a galaxy and it works but it just doesn’t on iphone …

You’re very welcome. I’m sorry I don’t have apple devices, I wish I could help more. If I run into IOS threads somewhere online, I’ll shoot a message.

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