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Navigation bar links to section on another page

Hello world,

I’m trying to fix my website and I got 2 issues with the navigation now.

1: If I add a dropdown element to the navigation, it won’t let me link my “Services” to the actual page “Services”. So I can’t add a link to the first level of this one.

2: If I want to build it up as the sublevels will link to sections on a page, it won’t go the the section on this specific page. It will add it as a section in general, meaning I could potentially have Section1 on different pages (A, B), and depending on if you’re on page A or B, the outcome of the link would be different.

The result right now is, that if I’m on “Forside” and I want to get to “Services” and hopefully hit one of the sections, it won’t respond, since there’s no section with that name on the current page I’m on, and that it doesn’t know that it needs to go to page Services, and then that section.

How do people get around these things?

Here is my site Read-Only:

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