How do I enable my nav link to link to one section on more than one page?

Here is my website!

Click Services, then click another page and try to go back to services! I need help!

Hey @Josh_Buchwald

Post your read only link then members can take a look.

Hi @garymichael1313

Here it is: Webflow - Buchwald Digital Consulting

The link is set as a section instead of page, then point to the template.


I want my services nav link to act as a section rather than a page. The problem is: Once you click another page and hit services after, nothing happens!

Why do you want the link to be set as a section, instead of a page? Yeah it works fine when it’s set for a page.

Having it as a section, there’s no section on the page for it to find. You’re wanting it to go to a template page. That’s not going to be a section. Sections have to created in DOM as an element, with an ID attached to it. It won’t go anywhere.

I bought a template with a lot of extra pages I have not yet deleted, all I want to do is make the service nav link a way to redirect people back to the services section on my page which is located on my home page.

Oh got it… try this then: Buchwald Digital Consulting

Then republish.

Try what? When I click the link it just brings me to my site!

Please help, @garymichael1313

You should just put: /#services123 as external link since it’s on the home page. But you need to publish it and test. Do that and then I can see what the live page is doing. Make sure the section is set: ID of services123, Tag is Section.

Oh… if you want it scroll to that section when on home… then just add home before pound:

I can’t test a read only link because you have to publish before seeing this change. It’s using the external link function.