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"Navbars + sections together at last" Update

How is it removed or turned off. Sorry, I can’t find anything inside webflow to remove or change it. I never added it… it just started doing it after the update… I guess it puts itself on automatically? I like the option just not that it was implemented automatically to my project and no info on it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time.

Hi @thegrafiqlyfe, sorry to hear this is causing problems!

Just to be clear, are you saying you do not want links in the Navbar to change their color when the “Current” class is applied?

Morning @danro sorry for the trouble. No, I just want to be able to style it to my liking within Webflow. So when I’m previewing, it’s not giving me the default color. I figured it would be something in the panels to change it like the other “states” but I’m still fairly new to all this.

Here is a Screen Cast

I’ve tried adding styles to a few of the states to see if that changed it but no luck for me. Could very well be user error. Still kinda just playing around and learning the app.

Nevermind… when I searched and typed in the title, nothing came up about how to make changes via forum. But now I see something that says it was posted 3d ago… weird. Sincere apologies.