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Navbar Trigger Interaction with Interactions 2.0

Hi there,

I did just create one site with Webflow, but I am really happy with it. Now I am trying to become more familiar with the new Interactions 2.0, because in future Legacy Interactions will be phasing out. But I do not get warm with the new Interactions.

I just want to let the Navlinks of a mobile menu slide in, if the menu opens. For the legacy interactions there was a tutorial:

But the few tutorials for the new Interactions 2.0 do not help me.

I guess if you could post a how-to I would get a better understanding for the whole new Interactions 2.0.

Many thanks!!!

For IX1, there are extra triggers or menus and sliders. Those trigger don’t exist yet in IX2.

There is a element trigger for navbar if you select the navbar. But it is not possible to select other elements like the navlinks for animation. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi Vincent, Is it best to build a full nav system from scratch? I don’t even see how this will trigger an event to turn a nav x back to a burger.

Edit: I only just saw the navbar close element trigger. Works well. Nice one WF

Yeah, Navbar comes with a ton of options, such as open close the menu, presets for hamburgers visibility, and above everything, CURRENT state for nav links.

I couldn’t care less about the hamburger as I have a policy of never using it for primary nav. But I don’t know how I could manually add the CURRENT states for nav links… I never clearly asked the question, I’m gonna :slight_smile:

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