NavBar symbol NOT working across pages

Hey All,

I have a simple Navbar set up as a symbol to use across a couple different pages. The problem I’m finding now is that the menu links from within a cms project isn’t working the same as in my ‘About’ page. The links are supposed to go to a specific section on the homepage but the only navbar link that works from within a project is to get to the ‘About’ page. On the ‘About’ page all of these links work correctly.

Would anyone by chance know what could be the problem?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Live Site:

Hey there Andrew,
It looks like your links are working pretty well. On the homepage, links are going to their respective sections, but the About page is a completely separate page. So, clicking your links from the About page goes back to your homepage with all of your sections. Did you solve your issue here already?