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Beta Release: Navbar Dropdown

Hey guys, so the time has come to !DROP THE BASS! …I mean to test the new dropdown component that everyone has been waiting for.

  • Type !drop anywhere in webflow.
    You will see a message confirming the beta, and the new component will be available from the Add Panel.

  • Drop it in a navbar.

  • You can also drop it anywhere on the canvas. Go to settings and you can expand it there.

  • Available Settings:

  • Structure of the Dropdown

Yes you can create mega menus if you want.

Let us know if you guys run into any bugs!

PS: You get extra points if you listen to Skrillex - Drop the Bass (skip forward to 1:19) while you !drop.


Ok. Ready to try this asap! Can’t wait.

Where am I expected to type in the “idrop”. There is no text box in the add panel or am I missing something?

Open the add panel and just type shift+1 then drop. After you finish typing it the Dropdown widget will appear in the add panel.

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Can’t still figure this out. Is the Add Panel the one with the + sign? If it is then couldn’t get this to work. A screenshot maybe helpful Sergie.

Shift+1 won’t work on a non QWERTY keyboard. You need to click on the add panel to have focus on it, then type the “!” sign, then “drop”.

Hail to the DROP!

Collecting as much as bonus point I can get!


Got it. You will have hold down your press on the + Add panel, then type it.

To clarify, you can type !drop anywhere in webflow. Not just the Add Panel. :thumbsup:

This is great news! I am really lloking forward to testing this out.

Excuse the ignorance, but will it be possible to have images in the drop as opposed to just text? We are using icons in our menus as opposed to just standard text.



Good thing you’ve changed the system because I’ve been trying all the CTRL+E+* combinations :smiley:

Yes you can add image or fontawesome icons using the span feature. Very intuitive and it works.

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Great news! PS: Just a question, i dont want to have the dropdown when i click it, but i like when i hover. Its this possible?


That would be a great addition! We’ll see if we can build that option in.

@thesergie @danro

Great! And also what if i want a third-menu level, is this possible?


Thanks Webflow! Do you discourage from using it on production sites yet?

Let’s drop.

@Deni_1990 we’re working on nesting dropdowns.

@LaurentCardinal not yet! we’re finishing some things up.


@thesergie first “bug” I came across: opening a second dropdown doesn’t automatically close the one you clicked first.

Hey dropdown testers! We’ve made some changes to the controls. Instead of providing animation controls directly on the dropdown, we are going to provide an IX trigger to allow users to create their own animations within the dropdown.

Will post here again once this new IX trigger is in place. Thanks!

@LaurentCardinal we’ve pushed a fix for this in our latest release. :thumbsup: