NavBar stopped showing in live site, working for months/sudden change

I have had this site running for several months and its been on pause, so I decided to check in on it and refresh my memory.

Oddly enough, I noticed my Navbar has suddenly stopped appearing on the live site. It is a symbol that appears and did appear properly in both the designer and live site previously. Now it only shows in the editor and not in the live site. I deleted the element and replaced it and have unpublished/re-published with no luck.

Any advice?

Here is my site link: Read-Only: READ-ONLY LINK

You have a page scroll trigger on your nabber. Does it show up when you scroll?

Hi DFink,
Sadly that did not work, I even went to the extent to remove the scroll trigger as it was now redundant.

I just don’t understand how it would break without being touched, could a webflow update have caused the display errors?

Looks like I had to delete the symbol and re-create it entirely. Time to replace it 27 times… Really not an enjoyable experience.

Sorry that I wasn’t able to respond fast enough. You also could have rebuilt your nav inside of the existing symbol to save you time. Hope you got it sorted. I couldn’t find anything wrong with your nav in the designer unless there’s something you overlooked in terms of a hidden interaction. That happens to me sometimes.