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Navbar / Sidebar animation not working

Hey there,

I am struggling to get a second navbar (placed on the very left on my site) to work properly.
The navbar on my main page is working as I want it (see video here: At page load, the navbar is not visible. When scrolling down, it gets displayed. At the bottom of the page, the navbar will be hidden again.

I wanted to get a navbar for the “Travel Collection” as well, so the user can navigate through single countries. I simply copied the navbar from the main page to “Travel Collection”. I changed the navbars class, also I changed the object, that gets affected by the section interaction.
I cannot see the difference. The navbar won´t get displayed when scrolling down…

Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance.



I found a solution on my own, by changig the triggering object from section header to the container below. Now it´s working as wanted :slight_smile:

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