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Navbar Question about transparency

Ok, I added a custom picture to my navbar, now I am trying to give it 50% transparency but I cant find any settings for that. Is it even possible? I put the picture on the body of the navbar and not on the pic box thats included in it. Also, I played around with the layers but non seems to control transparency.

Do you want the image to have transparency or the Navbar?

Correct. Just like everyone sometimes give the navbar a slight transparency. The option goes away if you add a picture to it.

So is the Navbar itself a picture or you just have a picture in the Navbar?

If you want to make the Navbar translucent then you would have to change the level on the very right of the background color.

You can give any class an opacity value, this isn’t limited to the color picker.

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Thanks for the tip. But I am aware of that one. That works great if you dont add a background pic to the class. But in my case I added a pic to it and that option goes away. I dont have a picture box inside the class… i just added a picture to it and trying to fade that 50%.

Just tried that but it fades away the who navbar including the Home Contact and About container.

what I did was just this in the screen shot. I am tryting to just made the actual navbar background that has a faded color picture to it to fade at least 50%. hopefully you guys understand.

If i do slide the opacity in the effects on the bottom then this happens…

You see how the whole thing fades? lol. I just want the white part thats wide to fade, I added a gradient to it so it fades from white in the center to light blue on the edges… but that also takes away the ability to use the opacity slider on the color selection.

Im thinking maybe I can rebuild the whole thing without using the automatic navbar selection. What that be the only solution?

Maybe, its hard to diagnose your problem without a read only link. :wink:

let me link a read only

btw… what do you guys think of the site? Its not done but getting there… Also navigate to the photography icon and select landscape.

This doesn’t look like the website you were talking about

i dont know how to link to that particular page. I just copied and past the link it gave me through webflow

@cgmindd What page is it [the name]?

click EXPLORE then Photography and then Lanscape and that will take you to the slider in which the navbar is all the same.

These are where the pages are located :grinning: