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Navbar Object / Relative vs Absolute Links

Is there a way to use one Navbar Object across my whole site? Right now mine only works on the homepage because the links go to Sections further down. So, you click on a link and it scrolls you down the page to that Section.

However, when clicking the same links from pages other than the homepage, the Navbar is still using relative links, so it’s looking for a Section… which no longer exists on the page because that Section is only on the home page. Even the link to the homepage via the logo doesn’t work.

So… do I need to create one navbar for the homepage, then create another with absolute URLs that I can turn into an Object and use on all other pages? Or is there some way to tell Webflow to make the links absolute?

If you take a look at my site, click the Services link on the navbar. It will scroll you down to that Section. Then click one of the services. You’ll got to a page for that service. Now if you click Services again in the navbar, it doesn’t go back to the Services Section on the homepage.



If you want the links on the navbar to always link to the homepage on a specific section, manually enter the URL and end it by #ID to target the section. But this will reload the page on home so, not ideal.

Having to deal with 2 versions of a navbar, for home and the rest, is common for me. It’s perfectly acceptable. Homepages propose a different experience so they can have specifi, unique elements of navigation.


Hey Vincent,

Thanks for your answer. I will probably go with doing 2 versions like you said.

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