Navbar menu icon active for default desktop down but not active for breakpoints above default desktop

Hi Webflow community, my first time ever reaching out to the forum which has saved my life on so many occasions.

Just wondering if anyone has any native workarounds for having the Navbar dropdown menu state active from ‘default desktop’ breakpoint and below, but not active (normal navbar state) for the breakpoints above default desktop? When I set the navbar setting to have menu icon show for desktop it follows through for the breakpoints above and doesn’t seem to have any clear settings to control the menu state above default. My one issue here is that I cannot use two separate navbar elements as this will make the project too difficult to manage for the client. So very much needing a solution for this to be achieved via the one navbar element.

Please help!

See the image I have attached:

If there isn’t a native way to achieve this, would someone please be able to point me in the right direction with regards to code I could possible use here to achieve this.

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