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Navbar looks different in chrome and firefox

Hello, I’m new to Webflow and I’m currently working on a project. Everything looks good in the Designer, and all works well in the preview. However when I view the published site on Chrome, the nav bar appearance looks different. The “Donate to us” nav link is supposed to appear as a red button, but it doesn’t in Chrome. I tried opening it in Firefox and everything works well.

Here is how it looks in the Designer and in Firefox:

Here is how it looks in Chrome:

I’m using Chrome version 78 and I’m designing there too. I’ve tried unpublishing and republishing, clearing browser cache, and update chrome, but nothing seem to work. Any help?

Thank you!

Hi Aqila, welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your site screen shots, for better help share your read only link, so the people can check how it works on their side :slight_smile:

Hello shokoaviv, thanks for your reply!
Here is my read-only link:

Hope this can explain my issue better🙂

Cant replicate. What OS are you using?

Working just fine on Google Chrome in Linux OS

I’m using windows 10, and i’ve just made an os update before this issue happens. I’m guessing it has something to do with that, then.


Your Read Only Link return 404

That’s strange, here, I generated a new link, hope this one works:

Problem solved, I performed inspect element from chrome and it seems that the styling in the “visited” state had overridden the styling in the “none” state. I removed the styling from “visited” state and it appears correctly now. I think it’s kinda strange though, that stylings from completely different states could overwrite one another?

Anyway thank you very much everyone for the helps and replies!