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Nav Bar state color doesn't look according to setting in Webflow (Except on Chrome (Windows) and Chrome Incognito Page (Mac)

Hi everyone,

I am really confused about how my navbar is loading on different browsers. So the state color keeps changing and not according to Webflow. Even, it can be different when the chrome window is fullscreen or not.

Attached (Chrome on Mac) when it’s not fullscreen window

And here when I opened it on Fullscreen Window

I have tested it on Firefox, it also has the exact problem.
I have tested it on Chrome but on Windows, it looks all perfect and doesn’t have issues like on mac.
I have tested it on Chrome on Mac (Incognito Mode), it looks all perfect and doesn’t have issues.

Attached on Incognito Mode (Chrome)

Here is my published site:

And my read-only link: Webflow - GLAIR

What is the problem and how can I fix it? Thank you.

Hey there!

I guess what you want is that the link only becomes blue when you’re currently on the page that belongs to that link? The solution for that: Delete all changes you made to the state ‘visited’ on the class ‘link navbar’. That setting makes every link blue once you’ve visited it (it’s stays blue, even when you visit another page, and that’s not what you want - I think).