Nav bar sitting behind content, not on top

Hi All!
I’ve created navbars out of Div blocks, rather than the default webflow nav for extra control. Only thing is, I have a navbar that slides down when the page is scrolled beyond the main header image. For some reason, the navigation bar is sitting behind content on the main page, rather than on top. I’ve had a similar issue before and rectified it, but can’t seem to do so this time. I’m sure it’s an easy fix…

Any help would be muchly appreciated:)

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I’m currently in a rush right now so I don’t have the time to look through your website, but just make sure you have the right z-indexset for the navbar. It should be the highest in the website.

Good evening, thanks for posting your question.

As @Jeandcc said about making sure your Nav has its z-index at the highest, but you may want to review your nav placements overall. You have 3 different navs within the /top-nav-copy class.

I would recommend deleting unused Navs and placing your main nav within its own section.

Ah thankyou, making the z-index a higher number did it. I’m still unsure as to what exactly the z-index means, but it seems to have worked. Cheers!

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It’s basically a number for layering content. The higher the number , the closer the element is to the eyes of the user

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Ah I see! Excellent, makes perfect sense thanks!