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Navbar Links and Hover Effects not working


Somehow my navbar got messed up when I adjusted my embedded video background. I am trying to achieve a look in this tutorial (instructions for the disappearing nav bar start at about the 20 minute mark).

I have two navbars - a transparent one (class name = “clearnav”) that appears when the home page is loaded, and a second one (symbol element w/ class name “fixed nav new”) with a white background that appears as you scroll down the page. It’s the clear one that is not working correctly. None of the links or hover effects work when you load the page. The fixed navbar is working fine.

Here is the link to my site:

Here is a screenshot of the navigator.

Any help is much appreciated!! I am using Chrome 44.

Thank you,

Must have been a glitchy thing, as the links and hover started working.

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