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Navbar: Horizontally centering navigation items

Hey there

I’m experiencing some difficulties with centering a “Navigation Items” div. I have applied flexbox justify-content space-between to the navigation links, which is now working after getting some help (Navbar: justify-content space-between).

Here is the website:

The navbar is now aligned on the far left, but as you know I’m trying to center it. I have tried to use flexbox, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.


You’re going to have more luck in getting somebody’s help if you share your project’s read-only link.

Sorry about that! Here it is:

Is this what you are trying to achieve?

Oh, yes that exactly what I’m looking for.

It’s because the element Menu is absolutely positioned. Simply clear that positioning, and then set Navigation Wrap to flex (centred) and you’ve good to go


Now it’s fixed, thanks @Andy_Vaughan

You’re welcome! Consider marking my previous post as “Solution” to show that the topic is resolved :slight_smile: