Centering logo in navigation

Hey guys,

I’m just starting using webflow and I’m struggling with setting up navigation as I have designed in Sketch.

So, this is how it looks in design file:

The issue is that I have no idea how to center logo between hamburger and contact form link. Currently, I’m trying to set 3 divs - two 45% and one 10% but still I have no idea how to center 10% div with a logo.

Thanks for any piece of advice on how to deal with it.

Link to preview of the website

Hi and welcome to the forum

Thank for sharing your read only link. let me dive…

The problem is definitely how you’re handling the positioning of the elements. I Accomplished the result above use plain grids and not messing with things like position:relative or setting a width for them.

There are several other ways to get that accomplished.

Just try to rebuild that nav from scratch using grids. It will save you time as you don’t have a lot of elements inside it.

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Yes, I accomplished that with Flexbox and not setting to static.

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I didn’t know that you got it fixed. Your read-only didn’t update your project :confused:

I think you mistook me for @ Kacper_Bieda :grinning:

oh shoot hahaha That’s right…let’s see if he/she is able to get it done


Thanks man! It’s working. :smirk:

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