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Reposition Navbar - scroll trigger

Hello guys,

What I want to do is that after loading the website, my navbar is positioned below my Hero Section.
After scrolling it should stop at the top of my website…
Here is an example how I want to do it:
I tried different things with interactions and stuff… but I can not make it work.
Can someone help me please?

Many Thanks in Advance!

I would be interested in this also.

Please advise.
Jaime G.

Hi guys,
i got it:

  1. watch the tutorial for the basics
  2. copy your navbar a second time and position it fixed at the top like a usual fixed bar with a higher z-index like the first one (the size and look of booth has to be identical but you must change the class)
  3. select the "navbar scroll"and give them an interaction like the tutorial at 0:25min
  4. select the “hero section” and give them also a interaction like the tutorial at 0:40mi
    !the difference to the tutorial: don´t use the “move”-interaction! you only need the “display”-interaction
  5. now it should works, maybe you have to fix the spacing form the sections to make the overlay better

Good luck!

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I need to do something similar and I see that the video is no longer available. Can someone tell me where I can see the tutorial on this?