Navbar Dropdown Not Working on Initial Page Load

This seems to be an issue others are having.

Dropdown menus don’t work on the initial page load (“Home”). On the site below, the dropdown menus in the navbar should show / hide on hover or click, but neither works.

If you click dead space enough times or click to a different page on the navbar without a dropdown (ex: “Pricing”), then that appears to unbrick the dropdown menus across the site, even if you click back to the Home page.

  • I’ve tried recreating the navbar from scratch, but that doesn’t fix the issue.
  • I have only one animation on the entire site on a different page.
  • This issue persists on the initial load at any breakpoint (“desktop,” “mobile,” etc.)
  • It seems like something on the site is loading or getting stuck on the initial load (?).
  • Not sure this is related, but it appears to have started after the recent update for Lottie animations.

What settings anywhere on the site might be affecting this? Is this tied to image loading or element position (“Fixed,” “Relative,” etc.)? Is this only an issue for Preview and won’t transfer to the site once I publish (a risk I cannot take)? Is it browser based? It’s the only bug I have with Webflow and it’s driving me crazy!

Read-Only: (Webflow - Solt DB Beta 2.0)