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Navbar covering content when linking to anchor


I got a problem with my navbar covering content when I link to a section in a page.

See this link:

I also wondering how to get a scroll effect when getting to the section. Right now it just “pop” up.


Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hi @Erik

Everything looks normal to me?


I think that on a UX point of view, it’s normal that your nav is on top of everything.
The transition seems good too!

Hey @Erik

The problem is that you are linking the page to the id #intresseanmalan, so the page jumps right into the there when you access your link.

If you want the content to stay visible after jump into an id, give it a padding-top a least the hight of you navbar, you can give it a negative margin-topwith the same amount, so if stays on the same position.

The scroll effect is already built in on Webflow, you just need to make a internal link to an id, but it needs to be on the same page.


thanks! That solved the problem.

:+1: Since the problem was solved, I’m closing this topic. My best regards.