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Navbar changes effect on all breakpoints (I don't want this)

Hey guys,

I have a problem to style my navbar in different Breakpoints…
The navbar menu change to a burger menu at 991px, that’s good but I want to change the position.
The burger menu is in the middle, but I want it on the left side.
(so if I put my burger to the left everything on other breakpoints going to the left too)
Any change I do appears also to my other breakpoints, even if I give it a custom selector.
How can I fix this ?

read only link:

my link:

Thank you for helping me out

Worst case, you could manually do what you want by creating your own “navbar”.

There is also a special training Lesson about the navbar and hamburger menu. Did that help at all? And did you search the rest of the Forum for past posts on this issue? I had similar issues, so my guess is that there should be something here already.

Welcome to the community, @MDD!

If you’re moving your element within the Designer canvas or within the Navigator panel, the changes will be made across all breakpoints as you’re changing the physical place that element appears within the document flow.

To make a change that appears within a single breakpoint, you’ll need to adjust the styles of that element in the Styles panel—keeping in mind that since changes cascade down, you may need to revise lower breakpoints to further adjust what was done on a breakpoint above.

Hopefully that clarifies things a bit, but feel free to let me know if you’re still having issues :v:

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Thank your for the answer!
I dont know if I solved my problem on a right way, but here is my solution:
I change the order position if the different div blocks in my nav bar, with the style panel and change the position with the position tool.
Now it only effects on the breakpoint I want…but is it a good or a right solution ?

Thanks for you time