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Moving Menu to the left

I would like to move my nav to the left in desktop, whilst keeping the burger navicon on the right.

I have added a quick pic.

Share link:

I made this now for you.
You can open it in look at the settings.
It’s basically just using a fixed position aligned to the left, with the sub divs, containers, etc using flex box with vertical align.

For the burger I gave it a fixed position at top right.

At the phone level sizing there is some remains of the vertical navbar on the left which I am unsure how to get rid of at the moment.

To easily find all the settings I have set, go through each of the levels in the Navigator panel and look for the blue words, they indicate changes have been made.


Wow thanks!!

Yeah It would be great to get rid of them! Otherwise it is seamless, please let me know if you can get rid of them.

Thanks lifesaver!

Ok found it.
It’s because of the brand div.
This is where your logo or brand/website title would go if you want one.
If you don’t want one you can delete it.
Better though is to give it a class, say “brand”, and set the 4 paddings to 0.
I know it already says 0 but sometimes you have to change the settings anyway.
So make sure all the numbers for the paddings show a blue 0.
The paddings are the numbers on the inside.
I have updated the preview so you can check there.

Making alternative layouts can mean a bit more tweaking here and there.
So if you have problems with the main content interacting with the navbar at later stages just let us now and we can take a look.

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