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Hello guys. I am new to Webflow and as an amateur I will need your help if you can assist me. I am trying to make the navbar fixed so wherever the user scrolls he can interact with the navbar. The problem is that I managed to have it just at the home page.

You can find the website at this link:

Thank you

Hello @zezos1102

On the project page there is 2 navbars, one of them has setup display:none, and another one has an option to have “hamburger” menu on the desktop. That’s why you can’t see them.
Here is screencast:

Hope it helps,

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You were very helpful thanks :slight_smile:

One more question… Is it possible to make Slide 1 - Slide 5 linked with an internal or external site? For example if I click on the Slide 1 I will be redirected to another site.

Thanks and I appreciate the help with the video

Yes, you can do this. Just add link-block inside the slide and give it link to which site you want (on settings tab).

P.S. Glad I was able to help :wink:

Good luck!

I tried to do that yesterday but when I click on the slide, I am not redirected anywhere… And for a strange reason the link block is always at the left corner…


LinkBlocks are like any other element. They get placed in an area by default.

Now, if you want to make the whole slide clickable, you have to create the link block first, THEN add the slide image/details INSIDE the linkblock. Then it’s clickable :smiley: Of course you’ll have to set the styling/formatting (height/width…) to fit to your liking within the slide.

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As an addendum, You can just add the ‘link block’ element and move everything inside of it. It’s one of the things I love about WebFlow, so easy to move things around instead of having to recreate from scratch/

Hello DragonDon and thanks for your reply. I tried to move one of the slides inside the link block but I am not allowed to do this. Do I have to change a class of an object first?

Thanks again

“not allowed” can you be more specific? How do you know you are ‘not allowed’? I just did it on your site, works perfectly fine.

I get a message that says that sliders can only be moved inside the slidebar. As you 've said before I tried to move the slider inside the linkblock. How did you do this mate?

You have to put the linkblock inside the slider section, then move everything else inside of it. Do NOT move the slider itself, only all the elements within it(i.e. headers, images, text).

(Sigh, animated gifs aren’t working here it seems. Move that link block down INTO Slide 1, move Container Slide INTO the link block. Style elements as needed)

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Hello again and thanks for your help. I managed to do this finally and I am very grateful for your help. Also can you check why 1st color box at the gallery section has two backgrounds? As I understand it has one for the normal colour box and one for the hover state. I am changing both to the same picture and it’s not fixed.

Again thank you for you help :smile:

Just looking at the elements, you have two different backgrounds set.

The ColorBox DIV has a sub-class called ‘mymall’ and has 'mymall en.jpg" set as background.


The Portfolio Post DIV has a background set to mountains.jpg.

You don’t need to set the background for hoverstates if it’s not changing. (i.e. why set the background twice?)

Remove the background AND colour from the ColorBox DIV. Then it works.

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I am going to call u from now on “king of flow” :slight_smile: thanks my friend. your help is appreciated a lot!

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Ha! Thanks but I’ll leave such titles to the likes of @callmevlad and @cyberdave!


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