Bug with w-nav-overlay

Hello. Also encountered the same bug as in these topics:

Here is the preview link:

Hello, @Vlad_Sokur!

Welcome to the Webflow Community and thanks so much for reporting this issue! Our team is still working on a fix for this issue. I don’t have a timeline on when we will push out a fix, but in the meantime the workaround is to rebuild the nav and interaction without using the native navbar element from Webflow.

I know this isn’t an ideal workaround, but it should get you unstuck for now. We’ll post back here as soon as we have any further information! :webflow_heart:

Thanks for your reply.
I already rebuilt navbar with interactions

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Hi, @Vlad_Sokur! Thanks for the update. So glad to hear the workaround is working for you. We’ll definitely update you here as soon as we know more.

@rileyrichter Thanks!
Have a nice day.

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