Nav Links Scroll to Sections

I’m trying to use a nav link to scroll to a section on a single page site. But every time I try this the action just jumps to the section rather than scrolling as in the various tutorials I’ve found?
Anybody got any ideas

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hey there! Sadly, your link is not working. Can you share one that does work?

Hey @Watson , I have seen this as a common issue and I made a post in addressing this. Check it out and I hope it helps.

New link for test site:
Webflow - Side_Nav_Test.

Tried imtiazraqib but got exactly the same effect ( doesn’t scroll but jumps instantly to section)?

Hey @Watson , you seem to have missed this altogether:

Hi imtiazraqib,

The link I shared was most basic Test 1, not with your method.
Below is with your method.

Both do not scroll as desired in Safari or Chrome on my M1 iMac running BigSur V11.6

But the really weird thing is they work when viewed on my iPad?