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Another case of scroll to section not working


I am struggling with scrolling to section anchors on this one page, and I hope a kind soul will help me out…

There are a few links to section anchors on this page, including a button pointing to the top of the page (the right-most of the three buttons at the bottom, which is probably the easiest to locate) – none of them triggering the smooth scroll to the anchor.

The in-page links scroll just fine on mobile though, so I guess the issue is connected with the fixed side nav bar… However, even after studying all the similar posts here, I am lost and can’t figure out a way out. Since I am not using the native navbar element for the desktop, and it doesn’t have the ‘header’ tag, and it is not bound in any way to the section anchors… why should it interfere with the scrolling feature…? :face_with_head_bandage:

Thank you very much for any hint!