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Nav link: Page section - Doesn't anchor the way it should

Hi guys,

I want my menu items to go to specific page sections. Some of these sections are 100VH so I want it to go to the fullscreen section. It doesn’t seem to work.

In my navigation, when I click on a menu item, for example ‘Ervaringen’ it should go to my full page 100VH ‘ervaringen’-section. (last section on page) But for some reason it will go to a little above this section. (See screenshot 1) So the section is a little out of view. You still see a little bit of gray from the section above it.

But it should be totally in view. It should start at the top of the section. Where the section starts. Like this:

I have no idea why it does this. :frowning: This menu item should go to the start of this page section, but it stops a little above the section. WHY. I don’t have any padding on my sections so that can’t be the problem.

Here is my public share link:


I had to select the ‘Disable scroll offset when fixed’ in my menu!


Thanks! Was having the same issue!

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