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Nav Links Requiring Two Clicks

For some reason my nav menu links require you to click them twice before they work. It’s as if the browser does not recognize them as links until you click once - after the first click the cursor changes from the standard cursor to the hand when hovering over the link. It then requires a second click to actually trigger the link. I’ve tried making the links both text link blocks and div link blocks with nested text inside and it still gives me this same result. Do you know what could be causing this?

Im also seeing an annoying issue when on the Homepage - when you click About in the nav menu (its an anchor that brings you further down the page) the nav menu closes properly however if I then try to click ‘Menu’ again to reopen the nav menu, it requires me to click twice. Im assuming its the same issue as above? Not sure why the second click is required.

Any help would be amazing!

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Hi @rimann20 It looks like you’re using a nav component for a very custom full-screen nav.

What I would suggest is rebuilding your custom nav with interactions and basic div blocks.

When using a Webflow component, there are already pre-made code, interactions and styles that are attached to them. For complete control, go with basic div blocks instead.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling:

Hey @PixelGeek, thanks for the response! Great call, that solved my problem for the nav links! I’ll definitely will start using div based navs from now on.

I am however still seeing the second problem that I noted above. For whatever reason, in the nav menu if I click on the page that Im already on, the nav menu collapses properly but it requires two clicks on the Menu button to open the nav menu back up. For example, if I am on the Case Studies page and open the menu and click on Case Studies, the nav menu will collapse. But in order to open the menu back up, it requires two clicks. Any ideas as to why this is happening?

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