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Mobile Navigation Links Issue on page load

Hi there

I have a full screen menu that loads when ‘menu’ is clicked. On mobile devices however, when the page loads, the ‘close menu’ button appears to be on top of the ‘menu’ button, so that when the user clicks ‘menu’ nothing happens - until they click it the second time, the ‘menu’ link becomes active.

So in summary - it takes two clicks to open the menu, rather than the one click it should take.

This also effects the arrow in the blue box you’ll notice. When the page loads - one of the links in the open nav is on top of this arrow (in terms of position on the screen) meaning that when you press the arrow, nothing happens. Opening and closing the menu makes the arrow usable to push the user down the page.

In summary - the arrow only works once the menu has opened and closed.

I hope both these points make sense - its worth trying out for yourself on a smart phone. I’ve only tried it on iOS10.

Any solutions? Many thanks.


It seems you figured this out. Do you still need help?

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