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Nav Close Button Issue

I have made a close button for my main navigation but it seems that the actual divs that make the cross are the active elements that trigger the close but really I need the whole button area to trigger the close and not sure what I’ve done wrong?

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The div that contains the - close button divs - has no sizing actually.
Try to make a div that contains your absolute positioned close button divs, then put this new div inside another div with a sizing of your choice that will define the clickable area and put the click interaction on this div.
The final structure should be:

  • div (with interaction and sizing).
    • div (the one that contains both close button divs)
      • close button div 1
      • close button div 2

Hopes it makes sense.
Cheers :metal:

Oh great thanks for your help…let me try that:)

That works perfectly! Thank you so much! x

You’re welcome Paul, have a nice day! :muscle: