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How to make full screen menu when clicked to hamburger icon?

Hi guys,
Im trying to create a full page menu like this

Ive messed with things and was not even able to create something near to that.

I dont have any process of the menu since Ive been mad and deleted, however if you guys need a preview I can post a link.

Thanks in advance


I’ve created menu as separate div and used interactions to define that on click of button a menu appears. Same situation for closing the menu on another button.

Enjoy :)

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Thank you very much !
Solved the issue but have another question.
Is it possible to trigger the whole section to close when it is clicked to somewhere expect the links ? I tried to do that but when I click to links it also closes the menu. :blush:


sorry I haven’t done anything like that before. If element is a child of another element then clicking on it also clicks on the parent element. At least as far as I know… :/

Thanks anyway that was not really a must be :slight_smile:

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