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Please Help with buttons on top of picture

I’m working on a site for a physical therapist and she wants buttons on the anatomy that expand to tell what she treats. ie. on the wrist when you click it opens to tell what she can treat. I worked it out to where it look okay in the designer but when I publish and view on the web it doesn’t stay in the right place. I’ve adjusted on every break point thinking that was it, but I can’t figure it out. I’m open to suggestions on how to make this work better.

Hey there - if you be sure to set the parent element to that contains the absolutely positioned children (the elements that contain the plus button circles) to position: relative then your absolutely positioned children should anchor their position relative to the parent (in this case Div Block 5). From there you can adjust the absolute positioning of each plus button circle per-breakpoint as the image changes sizes across devices.

Hope this helps!

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YES! I had to rebuild it to make sure everything was correct but it worked! THANK YOU!!!