Nav Bar Problem - how do I fix it

Hi everyone.

I am having trouble. On a few pages the nav bar text color is supposed to be white and on the others it is supposed to be black. However, I accidently changed the text color on one page and it changed all of the others. How do I get the site back to the way it was before? I can’t update our website because of this issue and I really need to update it…

Thank you in advance!

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Hey Taylor!

You’re gonna have to find out what you changed first, this could be a class or maybe even the font color for all body elements.

If you would like to revert a style change back to its original, you should alt + left mouse click the blue styling of the element you’ve changed (This will back it orange again).

In the example below I’ve overwritten the default color with black, but when i alt + left-clicked the styling it changed back to transparent; which apparently is the default color!

Hi Taylor, how are you if you have a paid plan then you can restore it using the backup features.Still need help let me know

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Never mind, I found it! Will check this out and find the old one!