How do I align the Nav bar with the text?

In webflow, I accidentally made changes to the nav bar and I don’t know how to restore to the original settings. I would like the nav bar to have a white back
This is what the nav bar looks like in webflow:

I would like to restore it to the white background and justified with the text like the live site:

What settings do I need to change?

Hi @Msafaya

Can you please give me your site read only link so i can explain to you ?

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It’s not what i’m looking for.
Can you please click on the sharing your site’s read only link below and then share me your site’s read only link so i can explain to you how to get your white background back.

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Here you go:

I think I fixed it: in the styles sections I removed the float (float is now X). It seems to have aligned the bar.

Please let me know if I did the right thing.

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