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Nav bar not working on other page

My site has 2 pages currently, the first has a number of sections that can be accessed via the nav bar, and then the aim is to get people to the enquiry page. However once on the enquiry page the nav bar buttons don’t work, and upon looking i understand they are no longer linked to the first page, but i dont want them linked to the original page, instead i would like them to go to the relevant sections on the first page. How would i go about doing this?

My read only link is:

I hope this makes sense, thank you in advance

Here is my public share link: LINK
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You can make them all absolute path links for your published site. To my knowledge, Webflow does not allow for relative paths from page to page.

For example, the link for “Why DTBF” would be, which calls your public site.

In this example, which you’ll need to do for each link, change this:

to this:
(Edit: this screen snippet doesn’t show your entire URL. It’s the one listed above.)

Hope this helps.


Thanks very much that has worked perfectly :slight_smile:

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