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Nav bar covering first section

Hi. Could anyone please help me in understanding why, on the tablet and mobile versions, the nav bar on my contacts page is overhanging the first actual section of the page?

heres the read only link:

I hope this makes sense and i appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Hi @williamsbrad1994, thanks for the info.

I can see the issue you are referring to now, and the reason for this, seems to be that Navigation bar is set to position absolute and set to cover the whole page.

I would suggest to set that to position Fixed and anchored to the top:

I hope this helps!

Ah right thank you! i can see this is such a stupid mistake on my part. thank you for your help. This is the first website i have built, just quickly if its ok do you have any quick recommendations you see with my site?
Are there any major technical issues that you spotted? Because im looking to launch today.

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