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Nav Bar Dissapears on Preview

Hi Webflow Forum Helpers!

I have been working on a copy of an existing site and made changes to the navbar, adding another menu link and logo image. The original/existing site has a scroll into view animation/interaction. The copy site I am changing does not show the navbar in preview mode.

Copy Site:

Help, please & thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Ryan,

Had a quick look at your site. Seems to me that there are a couple of issue with the PAGE LOAD animation: Hero Logo Into View.

When I looked at it there were two missing targets. I re-assigned these to the Main NAV symbol and it seems to load okay.

I went into the animation: Right clicked on the targets which had the yellow triangle icons in them and then double clicked the Menu Nav symbol in the navigator to open it up. I then assigned them to anything else and then double clicked again and assigned them back to the Menu Nav. Then upon load the whole animation kicks in and you can see the nav bar.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile: