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Native Webflow Forms With File Upload...No Business Plan


This seems very useful for folks who need file uploads in their forms and don’t need any of the other business plan features. It’s nice getting a walkthrough of the code as well, rather than just saying “copy and paste this to make it happen”—as someone making an effort to learn more JS, this was awesome :metal:

I’m sure you may have noticed, but there are a couple little editing mishaps towards the end of the video where things are repeated. Nothing major that prevents the information from being understood, just figured I’d relay that your way.

Thanks for taking the time to put this together :webflow_heart:

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Thanks so much, Mike.

When I write in the HTML embed:

<input type=”file” name=”file” id=”file”>

it only shows as a text field. It doesn’t look like your “choose file” button. Any idea what did I do wrong?

Can you send a shareable link and I’ll take a look?

Sure thing:

The HTML Embed is under the “muu liite”

Your quote marks are wrong. You have ” you need ".

Well would you look at that, such a simple mistake and I couldn’t figure it out!
Thank you very much!! And thank you for your excellent tutorial video. :ok_hand:

Thanks a lot for the tutorial, this exactly what I was looking for!
Unfortunately, the form doesn’t submit and I can’t pinpoint what step I missed.

Could you shed some light?

Read only link