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Sections , HTML Classes and Structure, Alt Tags

Still getting acclimated to Webflow. I’ve added “sections” and to a page and they show as sections under the style tab but once published they only show as divs. Once I assign an html class under settings then they do show as sections. So I guess that needs to be part of the standard work flow to assign an HTML tag?

Can Alt text be assigned to background images? I’m thinking no because they are called from the CSS?

As far as structure, would the best practice in Webflow be to follow something like below with sometimes the main

section tag = header
navbar (not navcontainer) = nav (Actually it looks like you can’t assign the nav tag to the navbar tool unless it’s in a section or container).

section tag = main
section tag = section
h1 or other

section tag = section

section tag = footer

Hope I’m making sense here.

You’re going to like this!

A section is primarily a section in Webflow’s vocabulary. But by default it’s a div.

Select a section and now go into the Settings tab. Look at the TAG dropdown, you’ll get everything you need there to build the best semantically correct code you can produce.

Does it cover everything you need?

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But I feel you, yes, I also think sometimes that a section should be a html section by default…

@cyberdave could you tell us why you settled for a section being a div by default? Thanks

Thinking this through, I guess maybe it makes sense for the “section” to default to a div as divs will work for anything but things like nav or sections need to be specific. Having it default to section might cause some users’ sites to generate some HTML errors without a header in the section.

I am curious why you can’t assign Nav to the navbar without it being in a section and assigning nav to the section…possible I missed where todo this.