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N is not a function console error message

Hi webflow

I got an error message from the console from my webflow page, I didn’t touch webflow js file, so I not sure where is this error come from. thanks!

/// error message ///
Uncaught TypeError: n is not a function
at s.define (home.js:29)
at a (home.js:29) …

home.js is not a file from Webflow. Did you use any custom code?

No, I did not change the js code from webflow, I did add other js code in another file.
I said home.js, actually is when I export the project name.js.


If you are adding/modifying custom code, check that it doesn’t cause any errors.

Could you disable your custom code to see if Webflow’s own code is causing the issue?

Hi Samliew

When I download the webflow code, in my HTML head tag will have this

I think that might be the one have some error message?

Thank you.

Negative. That is a self-contained function. I am unable to assist without a link to your site.

Also, feel free to contact me for further code help and/or customization of third-party plugins