I have a weird bug of webflow.js - "u is not a function"

Hi everyone I have bug webflow.js:7 Uncaught TypeError: u is not a function
I haven’t changed weblow.js file but i have this bug. Why?

My guess would be that you have another script conflicting that is overwriting a global variable.

You can try removing your custom scripts until you find the conflict. If you don’t have any scripts running, I’d contact support to see if they can sort it out.

Hey there! That error message usually means that there’s a problem with the code in the webflow.js file. It’s strange that you haven’t made any changes to the file and the error suddenly popped up. Have you tried clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page? Sometimes that can fix issues like this. Another thing you can try is checking if there are any conflicting scripts or plugins that might be causing the issue.
If those don’t work, you may need to dig deeper into the code to see if there’s an issue with the way it’s interacting with other parts of your website.
Good luck!