JS error when used on my site

I am a designer and I am exporting html, css and js from webflow to use on my site. I am trying to add the constant webflow CSS and JS to the header of my templated webpage, then when I use the template I will add the custom HTML and css to the page in the body.

I have it working but I am receiving errors on the js files.

Here it is on webflow https://preview.webflow.com/preview/sara-hampts-awesome-site?preview=efc59d48affceecf16b91d98d0ba96cc

And here it is on my website https://www.usnews.com/sponsoredtemplate?prx_t=6KwCAAAAAAs4IFA&prx_ro=s&ntv_oats=60

This page is a template that has our nav, header and footer with a blank space in the center where I am planning to put my webflow content. We are also working with Nativo. The tech team at Nativo has helped me by putting the consistent CSS and JS files into the header of the template. However, there seems to be two errors that they can’t resolve. Please see the screenshot here https://p5.zdusercontent.com/attachment/850801/G0vmcpKcHYEOXaDhoEbrg5kSJ?token=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0..sQLo5vekbgevkunlOtuyCA.Ym7GxFLXUvx3Dw-LkXUTHFcwGBV_qNOdyiJW0NYAngP04toqr_yYTOvZ-euAsxSlIibHaFYNqbHFb04pIrc7yjO7qEg7PEV276lsoxZoocvJLWM8g7niKR30ghH9yR6YhYqHxkAl2S16WfG4tRKfe6We9nts8SuUn3MUgr1AmI9J_hvwysJTwgye_cwuGxvk-_8MRnt0DPllSReS5by1tWSHkgStPPmdYfaXYjoBHXKVQ9WiOKKizcHK6lD0-CrIYl3jSuYGTHOvAFuLTJXXfUh5cWHsXmLXMxTK408qxjY.nIqvlutUZy24qr7_m4T5rw

I would really appreciate your help.

Update: Our tech team has fixed our JS errors but webflows is still there, can you take a look?

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Hi @SaraHampt1 thank you so much for reaching out!

Usually getting a property 'fn' undefined error means jQuery wasn’t loaded before webflow.js

$.fn.something is common with jQuery plugins

You may be able to fix this issue by moving webflow.js to the bottom of the <head></head> scripts or by putting it before </body>