My website needs some custom code

Hello, there!

We’ve just launched the BETA of our membership platform. Now we need an expert to add and thoroughly test custom code to replace the relatively clunky and slightly unreliable functions I’ve put in using Zapier (I’m also using Memberstack). Please see below for a brief summary of what we’d like to make flawless:

  1. A three stage induction process. Currently, the member’s Webflow CMS item is updated after each form. This is because the options they’re provided later on in the induction process, and the content on their bespoke homepage, is customised according to the information they provide each time. The main problem here is that the hidden fields on the first induction form (that contains the CMS item IDs the respective zap need) sometimes doesn’t pick up the information the zap needs.

  2. Updating their profile (the same forms as induction but the member can access and complete just one section of it)

  3. Pinning and unpinning articles so that they appear in a particular section of the member’s homepage and on a dedicated page for that member’s pinned articles

  4. I also think it might be a good idea for the platform to have lazy loading

I’m very excited to see if there’s someone who can help with this.

Best regards,

Hello Merlyn,
I would be glad to help you.

Please reach me out at or skype me at live: luis_18439.

Have a nice day.


Hi Merlyn,
This is something that I should be able to help you out on, as what you are needing done is well within my area of expertise
Feel free to hit me up on
Cheers and Have a great day,