Looking for a Webflow & Custom Code / Javascript expert for multiple tasks


I’m developing a website for a client - and I’m familiar with webflow as a design / developer tool.
Every now and again I run into issues that require custom code that I can’t bypass.

If possible, you have availability to offer within the next two weeks.
My offered payment is your usual hourly rate with 50% upfront - everythings negotiable :slight_smile:

Thanks all! I’m available to skype to explain these headaches more clearly and concisely over screenshare :slight_smile:

If you only wish to help with one of these issues and not all, I’m open to this.

I am contactable here or from jhislopdesigns at gmail.com

An example of problems I need help with (in order of priority) include:

- An ‘opt out’ button.

I have been supplied with a script that, when a button is clicked, grabs their cookie ID. I need to create a multi-step form that goes like this:
User clicks Opt out button > Email Input appears: User enters email address and completes captcha and clicks submit > User sees success message and the cookie ID + email address are sent to the clients email address.

- Bug fixing custom code that functions properly in chrome/firefox but not in Edge
Namely some slightly buggy code that allows a GIF to reload (acting like a replay button).
See http://semasio.webflow.io

- Code to make a tab menu button switch out an image with another on a part of the page not inside the tab widget.
See http://semasio.webflow.io/cases

Click ‘See the Semasio difference’ and play with the affinity/reach buttons. I want the image to the right to switch out.
I still want the affinity/reach buttons to change the tab content beneath them (unique users text)

- Code to always default back to tab #1
See http://semasio.webflow.io/cases

Because I have tabs within tabs, a problem arises here:
I have created Main Tabs (Use Case #1, #2, #3, #4)
Inside each Tab is another set of sub tabs (named ‘Old way’ / ‘New Way’)
The default sub tab is ‘Old way’

When a user clicks on the sub tab ‘new way’ inside ‘Use Case #1’, then clicks on Use Case #2,3, 4 , if the user returns to ‘Use Case #1’ I want the default to be ‘Old Way’ instead of whatever tab the user left off with last (usually ‘New Way’)

- Removing the over-riding gel look from the forms in Safari
See http://semasio.webflow.io/contact (in Safari)

Hi @Jono_Hislop,
Sounds like something right up my alley of expertise and I would be glad to help you out.
I just sent you an email
Best Wishes,

Hi Jono,
I would be glad to assist you.
Sent you PM.

Thanks Anna,

I don’t see your PM in my inbox. Would you like to send a reply to my email?

I have resend it. Kindly check now.