Hiring developer and artist

We are working on this site: https://nuda-io.webflow.io/
We want it to be ready for launch by end of August.

We need help with:

  1. Branding for the site / illustrate current content
  2. Coding of the site in webflow / make responsive
  3. Automating:
    Configuring the site so CMS content updates via zapier (and potential API auth)
    Setting up a membership system with gated content (memberstack)
  4. Multi-lingual - turn the site into two more languajes.

I like the design of:


I’m trying to put together a team that can work remotely for the next couple of weeks to get this launched.

I’m new to webflow and web design in general, so any recommendations on how to tackle this, most welcome. Likewise, if you’re interested, please let me know.

Thank you all!


I sent you a private message.

Teresa :slight_smile:

I can help you.
Kindly check PM.


Don’t know how to PM, this is my first post here, please excuse me.

When we do a brand strategy session, we surface your ideal & unique market position and ideal clients, which are necessary to create a clear design brief. We create a fitting message that reflects your principles. We find out ways to increase revenue, ways to market your company, and ways to optimize and simplify.

We can also include a user journey map, which maps out the journey a user goes through, from finding out about the company to becoming a brand advocate and recommending it.

Undifferentiated brands compete on price.

-Max Wedding