My Website is not showing up on google search engine despite being indexed

Hello. I have just published this website:

It has been indexed by google and published but when I search AG Builders and Sons Inc.(which is the title of the website) nothing shows up. Can you please help me with this?

I might be able to help. But I’d need to see your page settings and Google Search Console. Are you able to share screenshots of those here?

There are some low quality signals that could be affecting your site. When your menu links all point to # does not show the site is ready. You should also have some backlinks using the company name. Questions about Google are best answered at Google Search Central IMHO.

Tested if the page URL you provided is indexed and it is.

Which means that the technical part of indexing is done right, you need to do some work on SEO of the website in order for it to rank for the keyword you want. Also, remember that Google and SEO take some time.