My website is loading to the right, I have the following settings

My website is:

my website is loading to the right, not stacking properly

I have my overflow all set to off

with width set to 100%

Please help!!!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

My website will now not scroll.

Please help :slight_smile:

Hi @Videotechnica_Home_C,

Can you please provide a ‘Read-Only’ link so we can see how things have been constructed.


Thanks for the Read Only link.

Looks like you’ve set ‘Overflow:Hidden’ on your ‘Body New Site’ element.

Remove that setting to regain scroll functionality.

As a side point - I would also remove the 200vw height setting.

Let us know how the layout looks - I couldn’t see how the layout ‘was to the right’?


Thank you, I just published my site again,

The issue I’m having is the logo banner that I have scrolling from right to left is displaying the overflow. Is there a way to make the logo banner scroll without showing the overflow on it?


I just had another look at your site. Looks like you managed to get the banner scroll sorted.

If not, I’m happy to have another look; however, the ‘Read Only’ link is now not working. (Which I suspect you have stopped sharing as the issues have been sorted).


Hey Keiran,

I am still having trouble with my banner. As you can see, I have 20+ logos in my carousel, but im struggling trying to figure out which overflow option will allow all the logos to travel through the carousel without making my site expand 300%

If I close overflow for the banner section, the only logos that display are the ones that were visible on the screen. If i open overflow, the site is expandable, is there a way around this?

Hi there,

looks like you were able to get the Logo Banner Scroll sorted.

Well done :+1: